Monday, January 21, 2019

Purple Cactus Wreath

The name of this pattern is called Cactus Wreath. I've had the pattern for years. I made one in Christmas colors and finally quilted for this past Christmas. I needed to make a purple quilt for a friend so I decided to use this pattern. 

I don't know about you but I need to take pictures of the positions of my fabrics so I don't get them turned around and put them in the wrong place.

The blocks are all sewn together. I just have to finish the last border.

Parts for the final border.

My notebook page for this quilt. I use watercolors. This notebook helps me track how long it takes to make a quilt. I always have multiple projects going on in various stages. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Good Fortune Mystery and the last border

I was cleaning my room this week when I stumbled upon this flannel backing fabric. I forgot all about it. Out of sight-out of mind. It has been waiting patiently to be used. Well don't you know that it is the perfect backing for this quilt. Just look at those colors. 
I could use a cocktail right about now! haha
This quilt was brought to us by Bonnie Hunter of the famous
Check out Bonnie's Link up to see other color ways for this quilt.  
You can get free pattern until Feb. 1, 2019

Here she is in all of her glory. It fit together perfectly. It is super busy in person. You can't see the chain at all. Not enough contrast between the yellows and the grays. I wish I would have put lime greens in place of the purples and darker greens for the pinks. I'm pretty happy with the outcome though.    What do you think? Would you change any of the colors?
If you are interested in how much I got done in 2018 take a look at 2 posts ago. Enjoy! 

Good Fortune with 3 borders on.

Here is my Good Fortune mystery quilt with 3 of the 4 borders on.

It's vibrant if nothing else.

4th border laid out.

Half of them are already sewn together. I should have this all done in a couple of hours.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


This one was a layer cake that I cut into 5 inch squares. Quilted and gifted this past summer.

I just went through my photos from this year to see how many quilts I completed.  
I completed with binding for myself 35 assorted sizes of quilts and a couple of pillows.
I quilted 16 for other people.  I started 6 others that are not finished. One of these is a quilt along and I haven't gotten all of the instructions yet. One is Bonnie Hunter's mystery that I put the first border on today and it needs 3 more borders. One is a quilt along that I stopped working on because it's too ugly to continue with.  One needs quilting. One is lost somewhere. Ha it's buried under a pile it's just a mini quilt. And the last one I need to assemble the blocks and borders.
So I counted 57 for this year. 

Placemats I made for myself. I couldn't pass up this cute fabric from Joann's.

This one I quilted for a friend.

This one is the second "Midnight at the Oasis" by Jen Kingwell quilt that I made for my friend.

Here it is all bound. I told her I would make it for her but using her scraps because it would mean 
a lot more to her.

This one I quilted for a friend. It's so busy you can't even see the quilting.

Another one quilted for a friend.

Same friend different quilt. Halloween Crossbones.

This one is mine. A UFO from at least 6 years ago. I only had 2 blocks done on this-had to basically start from the beginning. 

My friend's quilted by me.

One more of same friend different quilt. This is called Buzzsaw. This one is super fast to piece. 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Good Fortune mystery quilt parts 7 and 8

I actually lost track of part 7 because it blended right in with part 8 which is the reveal of the final destination of this quilt.  So part 8 was assembling these blocks.  If you want to check out the reveal click on this link: 

These 4 patches ended up being extra pieces that we can use at our discretion.

I am still working on the final piecing of these blocks. They are rather pretty by themselves.

Here are three blocks together. A little funky with the color combo. I'm going to forge ahead and see how I like it after all the borders are on. 
This Triple Irish Chain was pieced at least 4 years ago. I used Primitive Gatherings Snowman fabric. I used a Jelly roll plus yardage and a few odd balls from my stash to make it more scrappy. I'm slowing progressing on this. One block at a time.

This was a quick mystery mini from Persimon Dreams. I am going to try their challenge this year. It's called "Project Quilt" hence the P. Q.  If all else fails I'll give it to my sister. She's married to a P. Q.

Last Up is a page of Quilty Items on my Bucket List. Not necessarily for this year. But sometime in my life. Hopefully.

Monday, December 31, 2018


Here's my Great Wall of Grays for Part 6 of Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery Quilt.
As usual you can view other quilters' progress if you wish by clicking the link above.
I will check it out over the next couple of days.
So here are my pieced strips they were pretty fast to make. I don't use the paper method because I don't like peeling papers off. I just stitch a bunch of strips together and then crosscut them. It saves me time and mess. We've got to be getting close to the assembly portion of the instructions. I hope!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery quilt part 5

Here are my Good Fortune Mystery quilt units for Part 5. I just finished trimming them up. Look for the other participants at 
Do you want the instructions? They are free! Just go to Bonnie Hunter's blog 
I put them in the box with the rest of the previous units. This box is getting full.  I still have a ton of fabric left.  I wonder what road Bonnie is going to take us down next.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Midnight Clear quilted

Trying to show the quilting here.

I enlarged this quilt pattern maybe a little too much. It quilted out super fast.

I only went through 2 bobbins for this quilt. I was using bottom line from Superior. The bobbin holds a lot more thread. Less stopping. I'm going to bind it with this same black fabric.

The thread is a light green color.

This is the whimsical fabric on the back it's also flannel. So soft. You can't even see the thread here.

Secret Santa Finshed

The quilting blends right in. 

I used a variegated green for the top thread.

I used the same Santa fabric for the binding.

I used a dark green thread on the back. Swirls and snowflake pattern.

Good Fortune Mystery Part 4

I am using Yellow for Part 4 of Bonnie Hunter's -Good Fortune Mystery quilt.
She gives the instructions freely. You can check it out at- 
If you click on the link above it will take you to everyone's different versions of this project. 
I just write the directions down in a spiral bound notebook and decorate it a little. 

Here are my units for part 4 all finished.

I really like yellow but almost never use it in my quilts. That's why I'm using it in this quilt. I just have so much of it. I used what ever small amount of yellow scraps I had laying around and then I just cut strips out of fat quarters for the rest.

They are living in the box with their neighbors. They need to get acquainted with each other because they are going to be together forever. Ha.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Good Fortune Mystery Part 3

I'm staying caught up with Bonnie Hunter's "Good Fortune Mystery Quilt". I cut all of my pieces on Friday and Saturday. Linking up with on Monday.
You can click on the blue link if you would like to see other quilters' progress. You can go to and go to the blog for free instructions.

I got halfway by Saturday night. Trimmed and pressed.
I was calling myself "The Lone Chainer" at this point. I cut apart 10 at a time so I could double check my numbers and then line them up in rows of 5 to cut those bonus HSTs.

Here are all my little soldiers all pressed and accounted for.

They are back in the box with their brothers and sisters awaiting further orders.