Thursday, April 18, 2019

Quilted 4 for my sister

My sister sent me a box of 4 quilts to quilt for her. She sent the backing fabrics too but I had to measure, iron and sew all of the backings before I could quilt them. (She owes me Big Time)

She calls this one "Sea Glass" I did a spikey design. It looks like it could be shards of glass.

Here's the back.

This one she calls "St. Patrick's Clover"

This is a minky back in gray embossed with small stars. The quilting is a clover design.

This one was a kit called "Flamingle"

I did a clamshell all over except for the center squares. I did an outline and frame on each.

This one she calls "Sailboats coming and going". It's her own design using fat quarters

I did a water meander edge to edge.

I still have one more to quilt for her but I'm waiting for her to visit next month to buy a back for it.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Doll quilt swap

I am making a doll quilt for my swap partner. (See previous post for information) I started out with 2 courthouse steps blocks using one and a half inch strips. They were too big for this project so I made another one with one inch strips. It ended up being perfect. I had the striped fabric in mind for sashing.
Here are my blocks with a couple of stripes in between on my design wall. I had less than a fat quarter of the blue stripe fabric. I had to plan accordingly.

I got the blocks and sashing together and I had a little bit of the blue left. I fussy cut a 3/4 inch outer border. Then I tried out various borders here.

Warm brown. 


Blue on Navy or black I can't decide what this is.

Here's the winner. Quilted.

Same on the back.

Propped it up here and the binding is on. I used the grayish fabric for the binding. I mailed it to my partner on April 1st. My partner loved it. Yeah

The making of a doll quilt

I joined a doll quilt swap that Lori of Humble Quilts was hosting. I make a doll quilt for my unknown partner and someone else makes a doll quilt for me. There are guidelines to follow such as size and era of reproduction fabrics. I got started on mine.

I decided to make a 4 patch on point. Then I have to try out all the different possible backgrounds. This one is a dark rose color.

This is a dark eggplant color.

A sage green color.

Golden brown here.

Grayish color.

Warm brown.

Decided to mix it up. I used the grayish and the eggplant.

I am now deciding on the borders.

Here it is with the warm brown. I actually really like this one.
I decided to use the eggplant as it makes the center float. I used a light brown for the binding and the back. I stitched in the ditch for the quilting. I ended up keeping this quilt because I didn't think the fabrics were dull enough and the era might have been just a little too modern.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Jen makes a quilt

My friend Jen asked me to help her make her first quilt. She bought some really adorable cat prints. Just look at these cats at the movies.

She chose an easy 2 block design that we drafted out. An Irish Chain with an alternate Buzz Saw block that we sashed to make it the correct size. 

Two of the blocks side by side. We were testing out borders here.

This was the original blue sashing that we decided was the wrong shade of blue.

Here she is all finished. It's a queen size quilt. Brown border and blue binding.

It's huge! She did an awesome job. 

Minion Quilt

My friend asked me if I could make her a Minion quilt for her friend's son who had a brain tumor removed. I looked everywhere locally for minion fabric. The only one I could find was this blue background fabric at Hobby Lobby.  So I bought one yard and brought it home and drew my own large Minion on craft paper. Here he is trying on his clothes.

I bought the cuddle type fabric for his body. Here he is trying it out.

Minion ironed to background fabric with his paper prototype.

I got all the edges stitched down. I used a fancy stitch for the jeans so it would be bold.
He can see!

All quilted and bound.

Trying to be adorable. His overalls are a little baggy.

The back of the quilt. I used a nuts and bolts pattern from Urban Elements I think. It came with my long arm. I cropped out the Minion so he wouldn't get run over with the quilting.
Close up of quilt design. This kind of mimics the logo on his overalls pocket.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Baby Sewing

Here are a bunch of odds and ends flannel fabric. Some are scraps and others are a yard or more.

Here is a bin that I am determined to use up this month for baby projects. I won't be using the Christmas fabric but as much of the juvenile fabric as I can.

Here's a bunch of it draped on my longarm. I'm trying to coordinate the prints.

Here's one of the boy blankets that I made using the self mitered binding method found on Youtube. 

Here's a girl blanket. They are all different sizes depending on the amount of fabric I have.

These are some boy bibs. I still have to top stitch and add velcro to the stack on the right. I also made some burp cloths and wash cloths with the smallest pieces.

More boy bibs. I used up most of the boy fabric first. I only just got started on the girl fabrics.

This is a stack of different sized blankets and a couple of changing pads.

Here's a stack of girl fabric waiting to become something.  Some of these are leftovers from quilt backs that need to be transformed into something useful. 
I'm trying to get this used up by the end of March. Just a little goal for myself.