Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dog walking

Look at these dogs!  Far left is Dude, next to him is Tootsie next to her is Daisy(we were dog sitting her for the weekend) then comes Max. Daisy and Max are brother and sister puppies found wandering the streets and picked up by animal control. Joey and Brandi adopted them. 

2011 Christmas strip quilt

 This is a strip roll quilt from the book "STRIP DELIGHT" by Suzanne Mc Neill.  Really fast to put together. Fabric is 12 days of Christmas by Nancy Halvorsen. Got the fabric a few years ago. 

Tree quilt

This tree quilt is dimentional only the sides of each tier is sewn down and the top of the tier is tacked down also, it has interfacing in it to help it stand out. Still need to put the star on it and decorate it.

Target practice

 Went out with husband to warm up my trigger finger.
I killed all the bad guys. This was at an official shooting range.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grinch Pillowcases

 I made these pillowcases as a gift.  I gave my friend's husband a Grinch doll last Christmas so I found this fabric to go with it. He loved the doll and put it straight on their bed.  Love how they turned out.