Thursday, March 19, 2009


Lately I've been obsessing about cleaning my forepaws. I just can't get enough. I can go on for hours, it just brings me such pleasure. Don't tell anyone. I lick the ratty recliner and I'm really liking the taste of it. It's supposed to be leather, but I think my peeps got ripped off. I think it's imitation leather. It's losing it's color-don't look at me. Pew what's that smell-don't look at me. Lately, no, it wasn't me. Stop looking at me like that. Now I'm just insulted, I can't go on.-Dude


Hi, my name's Dude,
This is my first post on this dogspot. Oops did I say dogspot? I meant blogspot.
I live with a family who rescued me from the pound. I actually had it pretty good there. I had the run of the place. All the other critters were in cages but not me. Nooo, I was a free roaming Dude. I was my own man. (Well, I used to be a man, then they had to get me fixed..I wasn't even broken! I don't get it.) Then this family came in looking for a dog I ran right up to them and acted all cute and charming and they took me home.
I planted my butt right on their couch as soon as I got in the house. I had to establish who was boss right ? You know, territory and all of that. It was sooo easy to shmooz these people. They never had a dog before, and you know me with all my natural charm. Not to mention good looks. Piece of cake. Did someone say cake? I'm getting hungry talk to you later-DUDE