Saturday, April 4, 2015

Jelly Beans wallhanging

This idea came to me while I was making the Bunny pillow.

What can I do with these scraps-you know, the ones you throw away because they are too small. Stop doing that! Make something mini.

Chain piece it.

Cut them apart.

Iron to the color.

Put them in rows.

Throw some sashing between the rows.

Add a border and flanged binding. Iron your words on. Done!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Where I live

I live in the coolest little city.

Check out these retro signs. 

The coffee cup-always busy.

We have lots of little antique stores here.

The Boulder Theatre, it used to show movies when I first moved here many years ago. 

The bowling alley has 10 lanes I think. I haven't been there in years. The lanes are all original. It's a very cool place.

Lots of places to eat down town.

Walking Dead

I love this show! It's the only one I watch.


More placemats.

I made 2 of these identical-the shoes are flannel fabric leftovers.

I used some leftover hst in this one.

Love the quilting in these.

Quilt label

This is the quilt label that's on the back of the bikini table runner. 

Bikini Table Runner

I started this bikini quilt probably 10 years ago. It was going to be a wall hanging for my sister.

She has a beach house and I thought it would be so cute.

Well it turned into a table runner because she mentioned that she doesn't like to hang things on her walls. I quilted belly buttons on each block.

I quilted necklaces on each block too.

The backing is leftover flannel that I put on the back of another quilt that I made for her 10 years ago. I had enough to piece it and use it here.  I'm calling this "Navels and Necklaces".

placemats for boys

Here's another scrappy placemat for a boy. I made this from summer fabric scraps.

This is another placemat with a baseball theme. I cut the bat with my silhouette machine. This one isn't so scrappy. I actually like the scrappy ones better. They are so fun to make. 


Strips from my scraps.

Sewed them together.

Trimmed and added some larger pieces, quilt and bind.

Place mat

Finished scrappy Yum placemat.

This is how the above placemat started out. Find some random strips in the approximate same length. Sew them together and trip to even them up. Add a few more larger pieces, throw a word on and quilt and bind. Scrappy binding too. I'm going through the scraps like crazy. 

Kids aprons

I've been meaning to sew a couple of aprons for my great niece and nephew. I finally did it this week. I didn't have a pattern I just winged it. Put a pocket on the nephew's apron.

I put a ruffle on the niece's apron. I also curved the bib part of the apron.

They turned out pretty cute. I hope they fit okay.

Easter Pillow

These are scraps that I cut to 1.5 inches, then sewed them together into a large rectangle. I used my silhouette machine to size the bunny design and I printed it. Then I used heat and bond to make the bunny applique.

I used my silhouette machine to cut the letters out of fabric. My blade was dull so I had to snip some parts by hand. I made 5 eggs and put 2 layers of batting and one layer of tear away interfacing on the back side and did a zig zag stitch around them to make them puffy. Turned it all into a pillow.