Friday, May 31, 2013

ADDRESS PILLOW finish it up friday

This is the back of the pillow. I used upolstery fabric that I got for $2.99 a yard. Love that price.
This is the finished pillow! Do you know how much it costs to buy a pillow form?? It is just ridiculous even with a sale or coupon. So guess what I used?
Yes, I did! I used a bed pillow from Kmart. It was on sale for--wait for it-$2.77,yep,that's right. I stuffed it right in there. Then I was going to sew it shut. It was too hard to keep the stuffing pushed back away from the presser foot.
Such a bargain. I bought 3 of these for future use.
So, I had to add a zipper in the end.  I just opened this bottom seam a little wider and put that zipper right in there. Piece of cake!

Summer quilt work in progress FMQ

I am still working on the FMQ of this quilt. This is the border. Click to enlarge if you'd like. I really need a better system so the quilt isn't dragging and getting caught on the edges of my sewing table. I am looking into making a larger surface area to keep the drag from happening. I saw something online where the lady stacked large styrofoam sheets the the correct height and cut out an area for the sewing machine bed. It looked fabulous and cheap to do. I need to find it again. I should have bookmarked it. Live and Learn.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


I threw these bean bags together real quick.(pun intended) I saw my great niece playing hopscotch on Facebook and I asked her mother if I should make some bean bags for her. She said, Yes, please, at least it's a toy that she is supposed to throw. She is 4 and her brother is 2. I made 2 for each of them out of scraps.


This canvas fabric I got from my best friend Pat. She got it at an estate sale for next to nothing. The navy dot is a canvas leftover that I already had. I got this idea in my head from browsing the web.

 I have a silhouette CAMEO cutter. I bought it just so I could cut out fabric for iron on applique. I used it to cut out these numbers with the adhesive already ironed on. I just use heat and bond. I don't use the silhouette brand. It works just fine.

 So here is the pillow top only. My sister has a house at the Jersey shore. This is the house address number. I was going to put the name of the street also, but I like it just like this. I was trying to make it look nautical. I will reveal the finish for Finish it up Friday tomorrow.

More tote bag fabric

I'm on another tote bag kick. I went to the cheap fabric store and got this flowered upolstery fabric for $2.99 a yard and it is 54 inch. The green was a little more I think $5.99 a yard. The green one is like a heavy brushed denim. I cut out enough for 8 bags. Just have to get sewing.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


Another project in the making. I will magically turn this canvas-like fabric into a large tote bag for carrying stuff. I use this for mainly carrying groceries to and from. I have made many a tote bag. Too many to count. I have about 10 of them I take with me to the store at any one time. I store them in my van or my husband's car that way I never have to look for them. They are reversible, versatile, submersible, well you get the idea. 

 Finished and stuffed with a pillow so it will stand up. It is awesome for heavy items like canned goods.

Folds flat for storage. I stuff about 9 of these babies into the other one and I have a hook that I put around the handle to attach it to the cart. The checkers always want to know if I made them and do I sell them. Yes, I made them and no, I don't sell them because I would have to charge at least 25 dollars a bag. It takes me about 3 hours to make one.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was invited to my friend's daughter's graduation party. They are not lacking for money so I tried to come up with something unique.  So I perused the internet dorm rooms that are posted out there. What a mess!! lol  So I came up with a clothes pin bag and decorative clothes pins. I want to put magnets on the back of these painted ones. I cut scrapbook paper then modpodged it on. I painted the edges with a coordinating color then when it dried I modpodged the entire thing.
    This is the begining of the clothes pin bag. A baby hanger. I have a ton. My boys are 21 and 17. I give them away when I can. Cleaned the hangers with dish soap and water and dried them.

Here is the finished bag. I got the tutorial from, . The few things I changed were, 1. I lined the inside back of the bag with contrasting fabric that matched my binding. 2. I rounded my bottom corners. 3. I made a slight gap between the binding edges when I sewed it together. She had them butted right up against each other and now that I made mine, her method was probably better as it sags open a little.

The second hanger is wrapped with oxygen tubing. I know what you're thinking. What?? Well it is actually extension tubing that is about 15 feet long. I asked if I could have it after my husband had knee surgery and they gave it to me.  I didn't know what I was going to use it for at the time. But it would make a great clothes line in a dorm room I think. Or a room divider. How about when you come in from the rain and need somewhere to hang your wet clothes. Hang paper, pictures etc. I am going to include some command hooks so they can be removed. This stuff can also be cut to size with a regular pair of scissors and tied in knots on the ends. What can you think of to use it for?? Let me know in the comments.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quilting and Practicing Free Motion

Finish it up Friday Linking to  This is the only finish this week. I used up the last of the jelly roll from the previous quilt for the back of this one. I also used some of the border for this. It came in handy because I need to make this yardage wider. Insert some scraps and there ya go.

I am quilting it with straight lines in the center and I am still deciding on the borders. I want to free motion it.

Which brings me to this photo. I made a sandwich out of fabric I didn't have a use for. So it came in useful for Free Motion practice. I like the dragonfly and the wavy grid. I drew the dragonfly with a white pencil then free motioned it. I love how it turned out. Then I used a tear drop echo to fill some of it. I got this idea from Green Fairy quilts. She has a long arm business. She sells patterns etc. I will be checking yours out this week like I do every week. I try to leave you all comments but they don't always post because of blogger. Don't know why.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Quilt back
This is the back of the quilt I love how it looks. Straight stitched on either side of the seams and free motioned the triangles in the border. Fabric is by Deb Strain 2 or 3 years ago. Linking up with
Another Finish it up Friday. I already have my next project lined up it is a companion to this quilt. I have to engineer a back for it. I'll try to have it finished for next Friday. Have a good one all. I can't wait to see what you are doing.

Binding and free motion
This is the binding. I machined it and used a stitch that I have on my machine it takes a stitch to the right and a stitch to the left of the middle. I guess it's like a modified blanket stitch.

Whippin in the wind
 Yes, it is hanging on the gate to the pool. It is supposed to be in the high 80's today. No snow here in Southern Nevada, just endless sunshine. I could not imagine having as much snow a Wisconson. 

Quilted and ready for binding.

 Isn't this fabric yummy? I put this quilt top together 2 yrs ago. Finally quilted it this week. I just hate the whole basting process. I have used iron on batting on the last 2 quilts and I've been so happy with it.