Saturday, August 27, 2011


Close up of candy. Eye Candy. Yummy!


I LOVE THIS! It is turning out so cool. I am using pearl cotton thread.  It is outlined so far and the checkerboard has an x through each light square. I'm gonna move onto the Halloween Banner at the top and outline it then move onto the pumpkin buckets.  I bought a variagated orange pearl cotton also can't decide what to do with it yet. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Birdie Stitches August

I will finish this tonight also for FNSI it only needs the stem on the flower.      Do you want to hear about my BLOND MOMENT?   I knew you did.  The other day my husband needed a ride to pick up the car at the tire shop.  I jumped in his truck and he drove us up  there while I was tying the little string things on my capri pants, you know, the ones at the bottom?  Well we get there and I go to get out of the truck and my leg was stuck.  I tied my purse handle to my pants!!! Hahaha  Classic idiocy.  We were just laughing.  What is happening here??
See this?  It is freezer paper ironed to a stack of 12 fat quarters. Cut out all at once. This is the fastest quilt I ever put together. See below for finish without borders. Unreal I love it.  I have more flannels so I am going to make a few more of these because I have 4 brothers to gift with a quilt.  My 2 sisters already got some.  I have a slew of nieces and nephews that need some too. I promised my nephew that I would make him one when he got married, that was only 7 years or so ago.  Cut it out, I'm not that far behind. hahaha 
The other day when I was rearranging these blocks I was inadvertantly playing straight pin acrobatics.  I reached up over my head to take a pin out of the block-dropped the pin-it bounced off my head and landed back on the design wall stuck into the batting.  Sometimes I amaze myself!!! hahaha

Cody's Flannel star quilt started Aug 2011

I am putting the starting date on this so I can see how long it takes me to complete.  Some of my friends ask me and I can never give a clear answer.  This is all sewn together just have to put tan borders on it and finish.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is the quilt I am making shown below only I'm not putting the circle things on it.  From the book "Frightfully Crazy" by The Buggy Barn.


This is old flannel fabric that I have been saving for the right project and motivation. I made my husband a zigzag flannel quilt some years ago that took me forever to finish because I hand quilted it.  Gave it to him for xmas and my oldest son promptly took possesion of it. He had it on his bed for a few years and now my younger son took it from him.  I told him this is Dad's quilt so he told me to make him one out of flannel, hence this flannel star quilt. The block is the size of a full fat quarter. I cut them stacked all at once and pieced them in a weekend. Now I have to trim them all down to the same size and sash them throw on a border and quilt it add it to the stack of quilts needing quilting.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


This was the first quilt I made with 20 fat quarters of Hunky Dory fabric. I had so much leftover I made 2 more. Scroll down to see the others.

second hunky dory fabric

I used the leftover triangles from the first quilt and made this. I just measured the triangles, cut a white square, sewed 2 triangles to the white square and arranged them like so.  It turned out to be a baby size.  I will machine quilt it with straight lines. Oh yeah it is actually sewn together now but not quilted.

HUNKY DORY Mini wonky star back view

HUNKY DORY Mini wonky star

I used every bit of 20 hunky dory fat quarters for three quilts. The back of this mini star quilt is all the smallest leftover scraps. I just pieced and pieced until it was big enough. I used about 2 bobbins of thread on it.  Front of quilt.