Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quilting and Practicing Free Motion

Finish it up Friday Linking to  This is the only finish this week. I used up the last of the jelly roll from the previous quilt for the back of this one. I also used some of the border for this. It came in handy because I need to make this yardage wider. Insert some scraps and there ya go.

I am quilting it with straight lines in the center and I am still deciding on the borders. I want to free motion it.

Which brings me to this photo. I made a sandwich out of fabric I didn't have a use for. So it came in useful for Free Motion practice. I like the dragonfly and the wavy grid. I drew the dragonfly with a white pencil then free motioned it. I love how it turned out. Then I used a tear drop echo to fill some of it. I got this idea from Green Fairy quilts. She has a long arm business. She sells patterns etc. I will be checking yours out this week like I do every week. I try to leave you all comments but they don't always post because of blogger. Don't know why.


  1. Great quilting practice. Looks like pro work to me!

  2. I need to do some pratise FMQ too soon! Yours looks great!
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