Sunday, May 26, 2013


Another project in the making. I will magically turn this canvas-like fabric into a large tote bag for carrying stuff. I use this for mainly carrying groceries to and from. I have made many a tote bag. Too many to count. I have about 10 of them I take with me to the store at any one time. I store them in my van or my husband's car that way I never have to look for them. They are reversible, versatile, submersible, well you get the idea. 

 Finished and stuffed with a pillow so it will stand up. It is awesome for heavy items like canned goods.

Folds flat for storage. I stuff about 9 of these babies into the other one and I have a hook that I put around the handle to attach it to the cart. The checkers always want to know if I made them and do I sell them. Yes, I made them and no, I don't sell them because I would have to charge at least 25 dollars a bag. It takes me about 3 hours to make one.

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  1. Beautiful tote bag and functional too -- the best of both worlds. Thanks for visiting my blog and for voting on my umbrella. I appreciate it! Let me know if I can return the favor one day.


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