Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was invited to my friend's daughter's graduation party. They are not lacking for money so I tried to come up with something unique.  So I perused the internet dorm rooms that are posted out there. What a mess!! lol  So I came up with a clothes pin bag and decorative clothes pins. I want to put magnets on the back of these painted ones. I cut scrapbook paper then modpodged it on. I painted the edges with a coordinating color then when it dried I modpodged the entire thing.
    This is the begining of the clothes pin bag. A baby hanger. I have a ton. My boys are 21 and 17. I give them away when I can. Cleaned the hangers with dish soap and water and dried them.

Here is the finished bag. I got the tutorial from, . The few things I changed were, 1. I lined the inside back of the bag with contrasting fabric that matched my binding. 2. I rounded my bottom corners. 3. I made a slight gap between the binding edges when I sewed it together. She had them butted right up against each other and now that I made mine, her method was probably better as it sags open a little.

The second hanger is wrapped with oxygen tubing. I know what you're thinking. What?? Well it is actually extension tubing that is about 15 feet long. I asked if I could have it after my husband had knee surgery and they gave it to me.  I didn't know what I was going to use it for at the time. But it would make a great clothes line in a dorm room I think. Or a room divider. How about when you come in from the rain and need somewhere to hang your wet clothes. Hang paper, pictures etc. I am going to include some command hooks so they can be removed. This stuff can also be cut to size with a regular pair of scissors and tied in knots on the ends. What can you think of to use it for?? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Very nice work - I made one last summer - wish I'd lined mine and not rushed it as yours clearly looks more stylish for having the extra time spent on it :)

  2. Cute. Cute. We are your newest members of your blog! Come follow us back. Thanks!

    Anna and Sarah

  3. Great gift!! Congratulations!


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