Thursday, August 31, 2017

Gypsy Wife Sew A Long

Colour Wheel Block
I started this Gypsy Wife Quilt with the Instagram group- #GypsyWifeSAL. It started August 2017. I just finished all of my blocks yesterday. I am ready to start cutting strips for the background part of the quilt. Then assembly will commence. This is a highly addictive project. The requirements start off with completing one block a week. You can work ahead if you want to. Well I just couldn't stop at one block. I already want to make another one. I have to take more pictures for another updated post.
Courthouse Steps
Filler Block

Court House Steps
Filler Block

Pershing Block

Filler Block

Filler block

From the Heart Block

Crazy Anne Block

Nurses Cross Block
I love this one.

Hope from Hartford block

Star Block

Filler Block

Puss in the Corner block
with a border

Indian Hatchet block
not my favorite 

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