Saturday, August 16, 2014

Honor Quilt for J&J 2014

My sister texted me to see if I would make another quilt for her work. I thought I was off the hook after the last one I made.  NOT!  I pulled this small quilt top out of a drawer and threw a border on it.

Let's call this another finish!! yeah.  I used leftover binding from another quilt plus I added some binding to that. Using up the scraps!  The border was leftover too.

They sell spots to write on to honor cancer patients they know or who have passed away.  I portioned off the borders so they can write on them.

I used a super cheap, thin, donated to me white fabric for the back.  I used leftover batting and sewed it together.  A total make do quilt.  I whipped this out in one day including quilting and binding.  I'm also giving 3 sets of pillow cases that they will put in baskets and raffle off.

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