Saturday, April 6, 2013

Zebra Birthday gifts

My son's girlfriend has been feeling very neglected for the past 4 months as my son has been building a jetski from scratch from the hull to the engine.  He spends every waking moment on it when he's not at work.  So she just turned 21 on April first and I saw these fabrics that I knew she would love. I literally made all of these items in 4 days.
 First item is a large tote bag for the lake and beach.
Second item is a large cosmetic bag that has vinyl ironed to inside lining.The band at the top is rows of shoes which she loved. The inside is the same shoe fabric.

Number 3 is a small pouch made out of an all over purse fabric.I told her it was for tampons, haha

Number 4 is this little card holder. I even put a few bucks in it.

Here are some other card holders I made at the same time. They take about 20 minutes to make. So I made these for my girlfriends that I hike with. I have been very busy this week. I've been busy over the past month as well. Linking to Finish it Up Friday./


  1. visiting from finish it up friday. Wow you are pretty awesome doing this for her. They are lovely.

  2. What nice gifts you made. The fabrics are so perfect for her. I was wondering what pattern you used for the little purses? I would like to make some.
    Nancy in SC


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